GSI Cloud Services

GSI Cloud Service stems from a very simple idea: to help your company free itself from all the problems that stem from technology, a service that provides you with support so that you can focus on your business and don't waste time with the details about how to obtain the necessary information base.

To achieve this premise we use a contracting method based on the rental of storage and application space. Your company doesn't need to invest in any licenses, or IT equipment, instead GSI as your Cloud Service provider will rent anything and everything you will need with regards to both software and hardware.

GSI Cloud Service offers you the following benefits: 

- Complete outsource of your company’s technological part

- No initial investment for hardware, maintenance and software configuration

- Highly scalable applications

- Fast application development

- Monthly payment, according to usage and application characteristics

- 24/7/365 access from any device with an internet connection

- High security levels

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