GSI Cloud Services

GSI Cloud Service begins with a very simple assumption: to liberate your company from all the problems derived from the technology which supports it, so that you only have to think about your business and there is no need to waste time with details about how to obtain the necessary computer base.

To obtain this premise, we bet for a contract modality based on the rent of storage space and applications. Your company does not have to make any investments on licenses or computer equipment, GSI as your Service provider in the Cloud will rent everything you need, regarding the software as well as the hardware.

GSI Cloud Service offers the following benefits:

  • Complete externalization of the technological part of your company.
  • No initial investment costs for hardware and maintenance and software configuration.
  • Highly stable applications.
  • Fast development of applications.
  • Monthly payment, according to the use and application characteristics.
  • 24x7x365 access from any device connected to Internet.
  • High security levels.

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