Document and Data Capture

Our Digitization and Data Capture services help companies streamline their business processes by reducing costs of equipment and specialized personnel in this area, all while providing a vast experience acquired in multiple successful projects.

GSI is equipped with all the necessary means to offer high-quality services offering the conversion to digital with specialized equipment from multiple sources (i.e. paper, microfilm, blueprints, etc). These files can be delivered in accordance with the most specifications like resolution, content, organization, file name and file format.

We also offer digitizing services for books and texts and guarantee that the integrity of the original copies remains as well as produce digital copies that stay true to the print copy, in image sizes and shapes as well as in pure text form. All digital copies are delivered indexed and with free search capabilities.

Digitized and indexed documents can be stored in CD or DVD format to be accessed from any station with a standard WEB interface without the need of any additionally installed applications or programs.

Entrust your documents onto experts in document management with proven experience.