Storage, Custody, and Administration of Documents

In the field of security and efficiency, GSI complements and strengthens the management of their physical documents. We transfer the documents of our customers directly to our installations, which have the appropriate and necessary conditions to preserve them. Their documents are processed, organized, digitalized, and stored there and will remain in one single environment, avoiding expositions to unnecessary risks and providing substantial savings to the customers.

We offer a tool with extraordinary value for the storage, custody, and administration of documents, an interface which allows access from any place, via Internet, and its inventories, at any time and instantly. Some of the great benefits offered are a detail of the existence, ability to conduct searches, know the location of a box or document, make service requests, and more. Also, it is easy to use, it is in Spanish, and its use is free.

To guarantee their customers the quality of this service, GSI establishes strategic alliances with multinational, experienced and well known companies dedicated to the business of storage and document management, that best fits to your needs.