Digital Signature and Encryption

We offer the production, maintenance, and support for cryptographic systems and products and for the services necessary for their installation and setup. Our solutions include several products such as Cryptosec, with which we can offer:

  • Public Key Infrastructures (PKI)
  • Coded communications
  • Massive coded files and disks
  • Data protection
  • Digital safe deposit boxes

Cryptosec-Banking is an online cryptographic server with specific cryptographic functions for Banks and Financial Institutions, with online security and optimal efficiency.
 CryptoSignServer is an integrated cryptographic server (hardware and software) for advance document electronic signature services with total security online. 
 We support our customers and partners with plans and training courses on the use and management of our products to guarantee the success of their coded projects.

 As specialists in cryptographic systems, we have extensive knowledge in the most diverse and advance CODING techniques and their use and application in the different activities and sectors such as Banking, Payments, Defense, Industry, etc. Among the characteristics of our solutions we have:

  • Maximum security guarantees for coding applications.
  • High speed cryptographic calculations (coding, digital signature, password generation).
  • Storage and custody of passwords by tamper resistant mechanisms.
  • Inviolability before intrusion attempts.
  • Operations with asymmetric passwords of up to 4,096 bits.
  • Native API and PKCS#11 for the development of applications with cryptographic environments.