Content Administration Systems

The Electronic Content, Documents, and Images Administration Systems, provide companies with tools so, regardless of their location, users can store information in an organized and simple fashion to be able to consult said documents and manipulate them later with a single interface, whether electronic images, reports, and documents coming from any application on the Windows platform.

Our vision goes beyond the document administration problem, which allows us to offers solutions tailored to our customers, based on Web technology. Our objective is to replace the paper and/or microfilm process through electronic document processing and business flow process though Internet.

GSI provides its customers the ePower option, a high tech, robust, and reliable tool, installed and used in the most important companies and institutions of Central America, the Caribbean, and Panama.

Also, GSI is the official representative of IBM. IBM offers content management solutions which offer content within the organizational context, providing a fast vision of the businesses that drive the informed action and with the best results. These solutions reinforce and build over the existing capacities of content management to operate and expand with flexibility through a wide range of content environments. These capacities include the specific solutions industry which input, activate, share, analyze, and regulate the content along its life cycle.