Electronic Follow-up Management Systems

eGestor is Computer Solution whose purpose is to improve the efficiency of the companies through the systematic management of the business processes, which must be modeled, automatized, integrated, monitored, and optimized continuously.

This tool is developed by using the most advanced application development technologies. Because of this, the application is developed in a 100% Web architecture, which allows an implementation and setup process that requires a minimum amount of effort from the technical personnel. Additionally, with these construction characteristics, the application for the customer is totally light and the only thing required is to have an Internet browser in the computer of the end-user. It provides a scalable platform which is adapted to the needs of the company.

Among its main characteristics we can mention: the capacity to follow up the electronic processes which arise within modern organizations, offer, in a simple and easy way, a complete control of several processes and procedures carried out daily.

eGestor allows the handling of several simultaneous processes within the application. It allows you to know the exact status of a process, who is responsible for it, the physical place where it is located, its status, the date of its last movement, and the observations made along its cycle within a process. For this it has a powerful and intuitive final user interface which facilitates the management of the processes maximizing the work inherent to each process. It includes process inquiry modules, process control reports, and task allocation.