Storage, Safekeeping and Management of Documents

Metroarchivos GSI complements and strengthens the management of your physical documents in the scope of efficiency and security. We relocate our client’s documents directly to our facilities, which are equipped with the appropriate conditions for their preservation. Here, they are processed, organized, digitized and stored. Your documents are only exposed to one environment where we avoid exposing them to unnecessary risks, which results in significant cost saving for the client.

The storage, safekeeping and management of documents service we offer relies on a tool of extraordinary value, Metronet. This interface allows you to access via Internet your inventories instantly from anywhere around the world. Some of the benefits this tools offers are search options, knowing the exact location of a document or box, make a service request, among many others. Furthermore, it is easy to use, it’s in Spanish and it is free of charge.

In order to guarantee it’s clients the quality of this service, GSI established an alliance with Metroarchivos, a Venezuelan company with more than 12 years of experience and who is a member of PRISM and FILEMAN. These two organizations are known worldwide for their dedication to the storage business and management of documents and both will soon to be ISO-9001 certified.