If your company is a customer and has a maintenance contract, it could report its case to the following address: or contact its assigned salesman. If you do not have a maintenance contract, contact your assigned salesman or send an e-mail to where we would gladly take care of you.

GSI has a regional structure, based on its main offices in Panama (GSI International, Inc.) and Costa Rica (GSI Costa Rica), where their development centers and support are located; also, it has commercial activities in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador, and Dominican Republic.

GSI’s regional support has a technical assistant structure in every country of the region, where we concentrate and prepare specialists to conform the first level of assistance to our customers. After this first layer, we have a second assistance level through specialists with more experience in our main offices of Panama and Costa Rica, where the direct support of the creators (manufacturers) of the solutions is located and also, certified personnel for specialized equipment.

The customers who have an active maintenance plan also have the advantage of using GSI’s support site, where they can register their support cases, do the follow up, receive notices of the development of each case and inquire their file with the history of the assistance received.