Technical Support

If your company is a GSI client and is under a maintenance contract, you can report any issues you are encountering by accessing the following address: or you can also contact your assigned representative. If you do not have a maintenance contract contact your assigned representative or send an email to and we will gladly try to fix any issues you are encountering.

GSI works under a regional structure of technical support based in its main offices in Panama (GSI International, Inc.) and Costa Rica (GSI Costa Rica), where the headquarters are located as well as support departments. GSI also undergoes commercial activities in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador y the Dominican Republic.

GSI regional support relies on technical support in all of the region’s countries, where we train and educate field specialists to meet top levels of customer support. On top of this, we have an additional level of support in Panama and Costa Rica, which is carried out by the developers of our solutions and personnel certified to work specialized equipment.

Clients under a maintenance contract also have the advantage of being able to use the GSI support website, where they can register any support issues, check on the status of a filed report, receive notifications on the progress of their case and consult their file on any previous files claimed.